Unnai Pol Ovruvan is a remake of the Hindi movie “A Wednesday”. Kamal Hassan stars in the movie with a rather sedate performance. Only an actor of his calibre could pull this off. Not to mention the histrionics of Mohan Lal, who plays the role of a Police Commissioner.
The music of the film is done by Shruthi Hassan. And she comes off with a neat effort.
The Story:
The movie is about an ordinary lay-man taking his vengeance on the system. I will not play spoil-sport, as the crux of the movie lies in its story, and revealing it would be spoiling the interest of the movie goer.
Kamal and Mohan Lal:
The two stars complement each other through out the movie, even though they meet only once in the movie. Such is the prowess of these stars, and it speaks very loudly in the movie.
Overall, the movie is worth watching. And any day better than the typical formula based movies. In an industry dominated by formula based scripts, this movie is a novel attempt, even though the story is borrowed.
I would strongly recommend the movie for anyone who has not seen it so far.