Windows 7 is Microsoft’s latest offering and it has lived up to the expectations that surrounded its much anticipated release. The OS comes with 3 simple versions(Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate), compared to the cluster that came with Vista.  Here follows a detailed review.
The UI:
Vista’s user interface was a disaster. Windows 7 makes up for the lost ground. It is free of the over-used Taskbar and Quick Launch Toolbar. In its place are bigger icons. Microsoft cannot seem to change its concept of a Desktop. For successive versions I have been expecting better and improvised versions of the desktop, and Windows 7 offers old wine in new bottle. So that is a bit disappointment. Other than that, the next prominent feature is Jump Lists, which is rather convinient to use.
This a crucial part of any modern operating system and Windows 7 seems to be up there with the best. Though a lot of it is same as Vista, the operating system gets credit from experts in the field, for preventing malicious code from running. Internet Explorer 8, that comes with Win7, also is in tune with expectations of a safe internet browsing experience. However, many believe that the biggest test for Windows 7 is yet to come. Most viruses today, are designed fpr XP and not Vista/Win7. The real test will begin once Win7 gains in popularity.
Win7 feels faster than Vista, but gamers around the world still swear by XP. They feel it is still unmatched. Overcoming Vista was the easier part, so how does Microsoft overcome the XP hurdle. Its a hard battle, considering the level of success that XP had among gamers. More is awaited from gamers in the blogosphere to share their experiences. Give this space some more time guys.
Backward Compatibility:
If you are upgrading from XP, well you better. Microsoft has annouced end of life support for XP. And moving over to Win7, would be a good choice. XP users may find the user interface a little hard to get accostumed to, but its worth taking the pains. Desktop search is a new feature that XP users are likely to like.
If you are moving over from Vista, well then, it is not so much enthralling. Most of the features would be familiar for Vista users. This is not to say Win7 doesnot offer a new experience for Vista users. The choice is more clear cut for XP users. However, if you are bugged of using Vista, Win7 will offer you some respite!
To sum it all up, Windows7 is a must use experience for all. My guess is that 9 out of 10 people would like the experience.