The all time memorable sitcom Friends keeps haunting America. Ever since the final season of Friends ended, two generations of teens have passed. Still, the coming generations of teens adore Friends. This is simply amazing life for a serial with nothing more than great comedy to boast of. The way the characters were knitted is simply amazing. Every group of friends around the world has a Ross or a Phoebe. Every group has two friends like Monica and Chandler, who meet in the most un-romantic way and end up as husband and wife.

The reason I am reminded of friends is because of a conversation I had with my 17 year old cousin. He goes crazy when ever he talks about his favorite episode; the one where Monica and Chandler realize that they are infertile and look for a sperm and an egg donor. He laughs his heart out when Janice appears with her characteristic laugh. I wouldn’t blame him! Chandler’s reaction in that scene is simply superb. My cousin keeps wondering why the couple didn’t go in for embryo donation, wish I knew!

It’s amazing how Friends has managed to survive the test of time, so successfully. The actors have lived their characters on screen and have bonded well as friends out side of the show. Even now Courtney Cox (Monica) refers to Jennifer Aniston (Rachael) as her close friend. In a recent controversy over a photo-shoot, Jenifer spoke in support of Courtney Cox, even though she disapproved of what Courtney did. Clearly their friendship is not mere media speculation. It’s this bond that created all the magic. Whether or not Chandler and Monica went in for embryo adoption, it’s not the story that matters to us. It’s the way in which life of an average American is told, that matters.