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Archive for June 10th, 2010


Ravan is ace director, Mani Rathnam’s latest movie. The movie stars Abhishek Bachan, Aishwayra Rai, Vikarm (Southern Superstar), Govinda, Priyamani among others. The film has music by Oscar winner Ar Rehman. The songs of the movie have released and are a rage among the youth. The expected date of the film is June 18th, a mere 10 days away.

Expectation from the movie are sky high. Director Mani Rathnam has churned out several worthy movies over the last few years, but this bi-lingual promises to be like none other. Audiences from the north are clueless about Vikram, (who plays Ram, it is rumored). Why did Mani go in for this relatively unknown actor? (Though he is a star down south, audiences in Hindi haven’t heard of him). Only Vikram’s performance will tell. He certainly has the charming looks and the honest appeal about him. Will June 18th be his day of reckoning?

About the music – yes, the songs are a hit. All the FM stations across the country are playing the songs back to back. But here is the pulse of the people. The songs are no doubt good, but has Rahman lost his touch in this movie. A couple of songs are good (Behne De and Bheera & Usurae Poghudhae in Tamil). But the other are not catchy enough. I am guessing that Rahman has over done the sound-processing work and not the songs sound a bit alien. It’s too bad that there is not one tune worthy of humming in the entire album. The same songs from another music director would have passed muster. But from Rahman, the expectations are more. Is it a case of being caught in the web of over-expectations? Will the same thing happen to Ravan?


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Very soon, the good old days of sitting in front of a real slot machine may be well past us. The online revolution is well and truly in. Every real world object is mapped to its virtual component. Interesting times ahead..!!