When we hear the word casino, what comes to our mind is Las Vegas. This is city is one party town. I don’t exactly remember since when, but whenever I heard the word casino, a Las Vegas casino always comes to my mind. Hollywood movies made a fortune by promoting Las Vegas this way, although the benefit was mutual. Perhaps since the days of the gold rush, when people had a lot of money to throw around, Las Vegas has become the city we know it as – lots of party, lots of boozing and lots of gambling. People make millions in the casinos of Vegas.

These days, other cities are catching up. Atlantic City Casinos are as popular and lively as any other. There are several other cities as well. But their names won’t matter because; the days of real-world gambling are running short. Online Casinos and websites offer a much elegant and round the clock service to ardent players. These days, more people make money by playing on the internet, than they do in real world casinos. They are becoming popular and are here to stay. That’s why several casinos around the US are opening websites and releasing software for the millions of users of the internet. Some sites like Casinos R Us also help you in planning trips to real world casinos. They make travel arrangements to any casino and in any city. Talk about innovative business!