Addictive substances can ruin a man’s life. The number of addictive substances available today is plenty. Tobacco, alcohol, drugs and even cough syrup addiction is prevalent among the teens of today. The more and more we make our children independent of us, the more are the number of people getting caught in addictive substances. As a society, we have been giving our children more freedom than we got as teenagers. We only hope that they put this freedom to good use and reap some benefits out of this. The high prevalence of substance abuse is making us question if the model of freedom that we follow is viable any longer.

Drugs appear on the top of nearly every teen’s list of crazy thing to do. It has almost become a culture among children to try drugs in college. The argument being, if not now, when? So teens simply give in to the urge and one thing leads to another and then another, by the end of college there are as many addicts as engineers. Complications arise when drug rehab centers aren’t available to these people. Some states have a good number of them, drug rehabs in Florida are of good standard, but many others are found wanting.

The issue of addiction cannot be confined to teens alone. Yes, teen drug rehab is a major problem. But solving it will only solve one half of the problem. There a several people who continue to remain as addicts for several years. Rather than confronting their problem, they simply brush aside the issue. The result is they slip deeper and deeper into the pit. By the time they feel the need of professional help, their habits are too deep-seated to change. The result is irrevocable damage.

The only way we can build a better future is to prevent teens from starting the habit and helping adults get rid of their habits, however hard it may be for them. This can be done only with the help of a strong team of dedicated individuals, all over the country, who network with above par centers of rehab and improve access to such facilities.