2 States – The Story Of My Marriage, is Chetan Bhaghat’s fourth book. The book talks about how Krish Malhotra, a Punjabi, meets Ananya Swaminathan, TamBram and how they fall in love, convince their parents and finally get married. Its a hilarious read, with all the typical elements of a Chetan Bhaghat novel. The lead male character is your typical introvert, preferring to talk to himself than with the outside world. The girl is the extrovert and out-going type, preferring to do all the talking. The story starts in IIM Ahmedabad and goes to Delhi, Chennai and Goa with lot of twists and turns at every place.
Somehow, reading Chetan’s books give you the feel of watching a movie. Whether that reflects the author’s choice of topics or style of writing is an open question. In this case, the way he portrays the falling in love of the lead characters is movie like. Further on in the book, he deals with issues plaguing the Indian society at large, not burning issues, but certainly germane. This probably strikes a chord with his audience.
The topics he has chosen so far are strikingly similar (with the exception of “One Night At The Call Center”) and we probably want to know how he deals with different, more serious genres.
Chetan Bhaghat has a style of writing that combines humour, satire and seriousness. And he writes as if he directly speaks to the reader. His choice of topics, his style of writing and the fast pace, all combine together to make his books an engrossing reading experience.
If I were asked to rate the book, I would probably oscillate between 3.5 to 4 and probably settle with 3.5.