Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper could well be back in each other’s arms. According to a report in the People’s Magazine, the two have been staying in touch during recent times and might well be back as a couple. This news comes as a shock to Reene Zellweger how recently parted ways with Brad Cooper.

Both Brad and Jennifer have had a history of bad relationships. Jennifer’s career and personal life took a dip after Tom Cruise left her for the younger Katie Holmes. Jennifer Aniston is pretty much a self-made women and could bounce back but not without hiccups. Similarly Brad Cooper, recently parted ways with Reene Zellweger, an actress of high repute herself.

So what does the future hold for the couple? Only time will tell. But for now the two are determined to accept anything to the media. But insiders say there is something brewing here, after all when there is smoke somewhere, there must have been a fire nearby..!! Watch this space for more.