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Prison Break is a show that caught everyone by surprise. The show had a wafer-thin story line.Yet it managed to score high in terms of success. Popular demand for the show, made the producers Fox, give up the fight agains the oweners and cotinue with thw show. The lead characters Micheal Scofield and Lincon Burrows were outstanding throughout the 4 seasons. They pulled off hard-to-convince characters with relative ease. Their on-screen chemistry was good enough to justify Micheal’s attempts to rescue Lincon. Sara is the love interest of Micheal and her character has enough ground to sustain on this thin story line. The trio of Micheal, Lincon and Sara keep fight new challenges for years , four of them, and finally are able to rest. The show ends with Micheal dying of brain cancer. But the real hero of the story is the story itself. The director and the story-writter give their best in bringing out the essence of each character in short screen times. The characterization and acting of all the support characters were trule remarkable. T-Bag, Sucre, Mahone, Bellick, The General will be names that will be remembered for a long time to come. This show is truly great and deserves all the praise. Too bad it had only 4 seasons. I would have loved to see more.

It seems to be the season for TV shows, here comes my next one, Prison Break. This one is an amazingly shot show, making the impossible looking events seem realistic.
Prison Break, as the name suggests, is the story of how a man escapes prison, taking his brother out with him. Wenworth Miller has done a magnificent job as Micheal Schofield. Playing a subtle, yet powerful role is not many an actor’s cup of tea. And Wentworth Miller has pulled it off in style. It wouldn’t be too much of an exaggeration to say that his performance has taken the show to a new level.
This show seems to be shot more like a movie with a every episode ending with unexpected twists and leaving you wondering if this is the end. Yet, the next day its the beginning of a new plot. The next credit should go the writer Paul Scheuring, followed by Kevin Hooks who directed the show. Perhaps the trifecta of Wenworth Miller, Paul Scheuring and Kevin Hooks make the show what it is.
Seasons 1 and 2 were fine. But I got a feeling halfway through Season 3 that the writer was caught in his own web of imagination. And as a result, the show got a little dull.
All that aside, Prison Break is one of its kind. And stricltly not be missed.