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Actor Simbu, after success in Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya, is busy with his next project. Simbu’s mellowed screen presence went down well with the ladies audience. It is still a guess, if Poda Podi will cast him in the same light. It will be hard for Simbu to curtail is natural instincts once again. So everyone is expecting a return of the old Simbu in this movie.

Poda Podi is directed by Vignesh Siva and is produced by Gemini Film Circuit and Padam Kumar. Simbu has gone the extra mile to get his look right in this film. International hair stylists Toni&Guy will be doing Simbu’s hair in this movie. Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar, daughter of Sarath Kumar will be paired with Simbu. The lovely lass has made a mark as an able dancer, wonder if acting will be her forte.


Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya, the much awaited movie of Gautam Menon has finally released. Here’s how much I liked the movie, i.e my review on this rather chick movie

The movie begins with how Jessie (played by Trisha) and Karthik (played by Simbu) meet each other. Jessie is a rather up-tight character who doesn’t fall in love easily. When she is suited by Simbu, she questions his intentions from the start. Karthik plays it cool with her and manages to bring her out of her cloister and makes her fall in love.

Things however don’t go that smoothly. Karthik is an aspiring movie director and has to take the call between his love and career. And he chooses love. Next come the obtrusive family members. A Hindu-Christian marriage doesn’t go well with either community and Jessie has to take the call in deciding between her family and love. She chooses her family. And things get crazy at this point in the film. But destiny (again…!) brings the stars together, hah.. thats what you think would happen. But no, the movie ends the other way, with the Karthik and Jessie not uniting. A brave decision by the director to keep the movie this way.

What’s special in the movie is not the story, but the way it is told. Gautam Menon weaves his magic and it captures the youngsters. The loves scenes make for good viewing. Compliment this with soul-stiring music and elegant cinematography, and you have the perfect combination for this genre of movie. A. R. Rahman scores high with a new brand of unconventional song structures. It’s nothing like what you might have heard before. It is great to see the master stretching the limits of creativity, even after achieving dizzying heights. Manoj Paramahamsa, impresses with his neat cinematography. I haven’t heard of him before, maybe I will watch out for him from now.

So will this be a cult film in romance. It’s hard to say and so it won’t. Its a great film to watch, but perhaps the Gautam Menon could have chosen other stars as protagonists to make the film greater than it already it.

On the whole, it’s a 4 on 5 for Gautam Vasudev Menon’s Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya. Watch it for the neat romance, elegant shots and awesome music. An evening spent well.